D.A.C. was released in 1982 on Columbia Records.


Song List

Thinking Side

  1. Looking In The Mirror icon-lyrics
  2. Lyin’ Comes So Easy To Your Lips icon-lyrics
  3. The Last Time She’ll Leave Me This Time
  4. I Gave Up (On Trying To Get Over You)
  5. Voices

Drinking Side

  1. She Loved The Leavin’ Out Of Me
  2. I’ll Never Regret Loving You
  3. It’s A Sad Situation
  4. Those Low Down Blues
  5. Whiskey, Whiskey (Take My Mind)

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  1. DAC was written mostly on tour, and is divided into two categories (remember this was still the LP era): the “Thinking Side” and the “Drinking Side.” Coe wrote everything on the set, and it’s a stunner. Side one contains some of Coe’s bitterest, most accusatory breakup songs, including “Looking in the Mirror,” “Lyin’ Comes So Easy to Your Lips,” and the deeply moving “The Last Time She’ll Leave Me This Time.” The flip has the punchy, Jimmy Buffett-influenced “She Loved the Leavin’ Out of Me” and “Whiskey, Whiskey (Take My Mind)” — which is actually dedicated to Buffett. But despite being classified as the “Drinking Side,” there are wonderful love songs, too, including “I Gave Up (On Trying to Get Over You).”

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