Traveling with the rodeo
That’s the only life I’ve ever known
It started in new Mexico
Must’ve been a hundred years ago
I used to be the best they say
Riding young wild horses for my pay
Now I’m much too old it seems
I only ride wild horses in my dreams

They used to tell me, ride em’ cowboy
Don’t let ’em throw you down
You can’t make no money, if you hit the ground
They just said, ride ’em cowboy
Don’t let ’em throw you down
You’re the toughest cowboy in town
I’ve always been the rhinestone cowboy

I don’t care what Glen Campbell has to say
What am I supposed to do
Midnight was a champion
He’s the only bronc I could not ride
Now they tell me midnight’s blind
He only rides the children for a dime
Ladies used to hang around
I must’ve been a hero in their eyes
My silver spurs are rusty now
Lord I wish I tried to settle down


traveling with the rodeo
that’s the only life I’ve ever known

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