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  1. What is your all time favorite bike? The make, model and year? I’m assuming it’s a Panhead but I wanna know the exact model and year. Thanks.

    Once around election time, the American public had a choice to make. They had a choice between a King, a Queen and a Billionaire. So they fought and they fought all against each other. “The King is strong and mighty.” Some people said. “The Queen is so wise and motherly”, others said. “Someday I may be a Billionaire too!” said others. And they fought and they fought amongst themselves.
    And, as they fought, they never thought,
    Of what the consequence of this fight wrought,
    They almost destroyed themselves,
    Another civilization shot to hell,
    Worse than the crack in the Liberty Bell.
    And for all the world to see

    When what should have happened,
    Is a train reaction, a calculated move for prosperity,
    Working together and never ever
    Forgetting that our forefathers founded a Democracy

    Take by force, the King of course,
    I will take over your country,
    Tell you what to do,
    Charge a King’s ransom
    Be charming and handsome
    Then leave you when I am through,
    But stay out of mine
    Because as you will find
    I don’t take kindly to you.

    The Queen then said,
    I will have his head,
    And women will have a mighty Coo,
    We will take charge
    So forget old Sarge,
    Who the hell needs you?

    The Billionaire had a wicked glare
    A James Dean stare , and wild wild hair,
    He razzel dazzelled,
    Confusion abounded,
    Misdirected with claims unfounded,

    The American public said,
    The American Dream is dead!
    And they scratched their head
    And wondered what to do,
    We have no choice,
    It seems that we have lost our voice,
    And it’s all because of you!

    And as they shouted and pointed fingers at each other,
    Parent fought child and brother fought brother,
    And they shouted and pointed and disgraced one another,

    Away from the crowd stood an old mother fucker

    This crazy old vet
    Thought it might be a good bet
    To end all the wars,
    His mind was now set
    So he put windmill fans
    On alternator bands
    And the wind produced electricity,
    So that an electric car
    Could go fast and far,
    and it saves a lot of gas, almost travels for free.
    Then we could leave the middle east
    And have a great feast
    Because we didn’t end up like Venus you see?

    What about the gas tax?
    My stocks will become worthless,
    Said the one percenters
    Couldn’t you guess?
    We can’t let that happen,
    Let’s make a huge mess,
    Tell them they will all loose they’re jobs
    And the Country will regress!

    But that old crazy vet
    Thought it would be a good bet
    To get some help to straighten out this mess
    So he called on you and me,
    He said let’s take the money
    We spend on war, and pay Gunny
    To protect our own fuckin Country
    You see?

    And let’s give the cops a break,
    For the good lord of heaven’s sake,
    Enforcing all the laws we have is complete lunacy,
    You can’t even walk down the hall
    Without breaking the law
    Is this how we generate currency?

    We can’t even smoke pot,
    Which cures ails and what not,
    Instead it’s all prescription brands,
    To fund greedy hands,
    Because the side effect stands
    To increase our profits a lot.
    We will make twice as much
    Get them hooked and such
    It will all be so grand,
    Say the corporate Giants
    And the Wall Street Tyrants
    And the pharmaceutical company.

    So that old Crazy vet,
    Who thought it would be a good bet
    Put it out there for us to see,
    And what we do next
    Will determine the rest,
    And in time we will surely see.

  3. Old Father Time:

    Old father time is a good friend of mine,
    He’s aging me well, like Yesterday’s Wine,
    He has taught me a lot, gave me all I got,
    And he’s been on my side more often than not,

    Old father time saw Woodstock ninety nine,
    And all of the good things we have done,
    Now when I think back on time,
    I feel mighty fine,
    Knowing if you fight the good fight it can be won,

    Old father time is a good friend of mine,
    Yes it’s true that I know him very well,
    Old father time makes some mighty fine wine,
    He even makes enough to sell,
    Old father time only picks his own vine,
    Because he knows about Heaven and Hell,
    Old father time can spin a good rhyme,
    And he as quite a tale to tell.

    Old father time is a good friend of mine,
    He lives in the world today,
    Old father time and I, must Walk the Line and why?
    Because we have something to say,

    Old father time can make some men blind,
    To their own pride, and wicked ways,
    And he’s also been known to reap what he’s sown
    So, in time we all have to pay,

    Old father time is a good friend of mine,
    Yes it’s true that I know him very well,
    Old father time makes some mighty fine wine,
    He even makes enough to sell,
    Old father time only picks his own vine,
    Because he knows about Heaven and Hell,
    Old father time can spin a good rhyme,
    And he as quite a tale to tell.

    Old father time may not always be kind,
    And he’s never too far away,
    So we’d better pay attention,
    To what the good book has mentioned,
    And that’s not all I have to say,

    With old father time, you can’t just rewind,
    And live your life again, the right way,
    So don’t fall behind in good deeds and you’ll find,
    Old father time and the Good Lord I pray.

  4. The Times:

    It seems to me today,
    Or maybe it’ always been this way,
    That the rich and the powerful may,
    Just do anything they please,

    While good people struggle and ,
    They can’t find a helping hand,
    But politicians have privilege and ease,

    Good folks try and keep their faith,
    Try their best to beat back the hate,
    They know that Jesus saves,
    And that’s what they’re trying to believe,

    Now, Jesus never lied,
    And Jesus never tried,
    To lock someone up,
    Just for getting high,
    So if I were you,
    I think about what Jesus would do,
    Because he’s the true judge
    Of you and I,

    With all of the fear and the hate,
    Come to the earth of late,
    We can’t just let good people be,

    We lock people up for crimes,
    Dreamed up by sheltered minds,
    And it seems you must be rich to be free,

    And all we once considered good,
    It seems now misunderstood,
    Somehow replaced by men’s greed,

    I think that going to church,
    For networking your own self worth,
    Just don’t seem right to me,

    Now, Jesus never lied,
    And Jesus never tried,
    To lock someone up,
    Just for getting high,
    So if I were you,
    I think about what Jesus would do,
    Because he’s the true judge
    Of you and I,

    Well I think it’s time we stood up to fight,
    For what’s good and really right,
    Please tell me if you don’t agree,

    And I’ll say just one more thing,
    Dear Lord please let freedom ring,
    From sea to shining sea.

  5. Do you still pray to Jesus now and then? Do you still wish that HE would save you? It is time … you don’t have to wish … HE WILL SAVE YOU …

  6. Just a Minute:
    Movements are about passion and grace,
    You can’t get no where when you’re trying to save face,
    I see politicians try it all the time,

    If you really believe in something,
    You’ve got to stick to your guns, not dump them,
    Because quitters never win, I’m sure you’ll find,

    And if you look hard enough you’ll see,
    That it’s all up to you and me,
    So let’s get busy getting our country out of this bind,

    We got a huge separation of the classes,
    And no money for the masses,
    I think it’s time we kicked some asses,
    Out of office and replaced them with our own kind,

    Hey boys just give me a minute,
    Because now we all are in it,
    And we’re gonna have to win it,
    Everything’s on the line,
    It would only take a second,
    If someone else tried to wreck it,
    But we aint gonna let that happen here this time

    If you ask me, there’s more than one contributing factor,
    But let’s start with Nixon and that actor,
    Who waged a war on citizens like you and me,

    They want to lock us up in jail,
    For smoking dope and they read our mail,
    And the for profit prisons charge a mighty hefty fee,

    And once you done some time,
    You’re just about stuck with a life of crime,
    Because aint no one gonna hire you then you see,

    If you can’t afford an attorney,
    They’ll appoint one for you in a hurry,
    But it seems you don’t get much these days for free

    While people with lot’s of money,
    Get good lawyers, but it aint funny,
    That they get off all the time, on a technicality,

    Hey boys just give me a minute,
    Because now we all are in it,
    And we’re gonna have to win it,
    Everything’s on the line,
    It would only take a second,
    If someone else tried to wreck it,
    But we aint gonna let that happen here this time

    This war on drugs has been,
    A never ending war my friend,
    And it’s really a war on you and me,

    If you choose not to get high,
    That’s your business, but I don’t see why,
    You can’t stay out of mine, hey buddy just let me be,

    You say we got to think of the children,
    But so do the prisons when they’re building,
    More cells to steal their future, don’t you see?

    Wrote this (and more) for my new born son, Billy. (copyright pending) Would you consider recording it?

  7. Hey David Allen Coe, (Not sure what you go by, I go by Copenhagen)
    My real name is Sammy Gibson, I have an artificial Facebook to keep people from contacting me that I don’t want contacting me…haha!

    I listen to your stuff when I’m in the boat fishin’ and drinkin’! Which I do 90% of the time, since being medically retired from the Army.
    I’ve never actually got the chance to see you live. So, my question is…Do you plan on performing in Arkansas anytime soon?

    P.S. My real email is sammy.gibson@gmail.com I just use the copenhagenezco@gmail.com to sign up for crap I don’t want them having my real address.

  8. We are planning a music event in Southern Illinois. How would we need to go about booking Mr. Coe for a show?

  9. I have a friend who is a huge fan and comes to see you anytime you come close to Dayton, OH. Is there any chance I could get a signed piece of memorabilia?

  10. David did you ever sue the shit out of that casino and or the securit scumbag mother fuckers that threw you on the ground? That was bullshit and also no respect for people.I hope something good came out of it for you..your fan forever

  11. Check out YouTube. “Final Freedom Day”

    With good music and singer, the lyrics are a sure hit !!! Please check it out. This woman that wrote the lyrics is sort of an outlaw herself. She has also written 2 other songs, and writing a book about her life. I would really like something good to come to this woman ! Thank you for your time.

  12. How can I get DAC autograph? I have 6 and a 4 year old that listen to music while taking a bath and they always perk up when Hank, Alabama or DAC music comes up. They call it “Texas Dancing Music”! I do have to skip a few tracks from time to time, until they are of age! They asked me at breakfast today if I knew David Allen Coe and I said “No, but I’ll ask around to see if anyone else does.” I thought it might be pretty cool to get them a sign picture to hang on the wall.

  13. My dad meet David Allan Coe nearly thirty two years ago. They got along well enough right after the ‘Just Divorced’ album came out that he got my dad’s address and wrote him a letter. My dad had just divorced his first wife and the letter was some advice on getting past her and women in general. Does anyone know if the old Dream Enterprises address is still good? My dad is 64 and doesn’t use computers and really wants to send him another letter. I’ve looked but can’t find a physical address anywhere. Any help would be greatly appreciated…This is very important to my dad. Please let me know where he can send a good old fashioned letter.

  14. I did some time locked down for a few years myself. How’d you get away with killing that motherfucker who threatened to butt-fuck you and make you his bitch?

  15. Hi, my name is Sherry. I’ve contacted you folks a few times in the hopes that David would reach out to my husband, Chris Hunt. He is a huge fan and hoped to see one of his concerts but for legal reasons, could not leave California. He’s a real rebel… unfortunately now, he’s been charged n pled no contest to drug related charges and will be going to prison for quite awhile. I am asking if David would please write a letter to Chris. It might be crazy helpfulness on my part, but I know it would mean so much to him! So please, if he could, here is the address to the Mendocino County Jail where Chris currently is. He has another sentencing hearing on the 23 of June and he’ll probably be leaving for San Quentin in a month or so.
    Christian Hunt #25026
    951 Low Gap Road
    Ukiah, CA 95482

    Just a footnote~ he’s a rebel and also a very kind and caring person! While an outlaw, he went thru all the necessary tests a U.C. Davis hospital in order to donate a kidney to his grandpa! (Love to tell you the whole story some time).

    Sherry Vincent Hunt

  16. David, Would you make some suggestions how I might improve on my lyrics for the song “Real Country”. I wanted it to be a little bit “in your face” kind of song, that you sang so well.
    Real Country copyright 5-29-2015 (Revised on 6-17-2015)
    Real country is what I’m gonna play
    Because real country is here to stay
    Tug at my heart with that steel guitar
    New country has just gone too far
    V 1
    New country was all the rage
    Now it’s time to turn the page
    I like country and western
    And some real Blue Grass
    And if you don’t like it you
    can kiss my back stage pass
    Real country is what I’m gonna play
    Because real country is here to stay
    Tug at my heart with that steel guitar
    New country has just gone too far
    V 2
    So you’re telling us you city folk
    Songs have to sound like new
    Country, or you’ll go broke
    I don’t believe it not for a day
    Real country music is here to stay
    And real country is what I’ll play
    Country music is more than
    Sad bar scenes and broken dreams
    Some people think I’m just a fool
    But I think real country is still cool
    V 3
    Real Country music fans are no fools
    They know you broken those country rules
    I’m not the one to just be a bashin
    But bring real country back in fashion
    Oh sure there’s big checks their cashin
    But real country is what they’re trashin
    Real country is what I’m gonna play
    Because real country is here to stay
    Tug at my heart with that steel guitar
    New country has just gone too far

  17. I know this is a far fetched question. But hey, unless youa sk, you never know the answer.
    My Outlaw partner & I are getting married Oct 26th 2015 & would love it greatly if you could make a guest appearance. We are getting married at the pad here in Napier, NZ. It would top our special day off perfectly to have you there. As you know, these Outlaw boys just love your music & where it has come from. And to be honest with you, I have grown quite fond of quite a few of your songs myself. My favorite being ‘Iddy Biddy Titties’. Describes me to a tee 🙂

  18. Not really a question but, I’m 6 months pregnant with my first baby and we’re naming him Coe after you! You’re my favorite musician! I saw you for the first time in Florence, Alabama not too long ago. I’ve been a huge fan for as long as I can remember.

  19. Would you sing at my wedding?

    No joke. Im in Southern California. I’ve Been listening to you since I was 13, when I first heard of you. (I am now 35) I love your honesty, style, no bullshitting, no pussy, no yes-mam music skills. All the “country” shit these days, sad. Every fucking country music festival is depressing. Please let me know Coe! Much love and respect, Alee.

  20. You used to do shows in Hagerstown, MD at Cancun Cantina a lot. Just wondering, would ever be able to make it back up this way. My man and I always said when we would turn 21 we would make one of your shows, but you haven’t been back for us to be able to.


    I AM FUCKIN SERIOUS abhorishcraig@hotmail.com

    And long live the COE

  22. Hey David…remember the artist that put you on Kim’s duster? Was with my wife airbrushing, and we were friends with her mom. I took showers upstairs at Ironhorse saloon. Her duster had guitar necks up the sleeves, w / feathers. You were on the back, and I took many years off you .
    Anyway, you come to Fort Wayne, here and there….I would like to say hey…if you want. I live here and am friends with Phast Phil at Arcola. He and Molly refused to tell you I was here last time. Their eyes get big…anyway, if you let me know in advance, that you’re comming, I will do you an Elvis painting. Randy……AKA. RAF

  23. David, your music got my entire company at West Point through our sophomore summer at Camp Buckner in 1993. Next fall, we’re having our 20th reunion, and I would love, as a Texas boy, to have you come to our gameday party, even if you don’t sing or play. Of course, if you did, you’d probably be the biggest hit in NY that day…..any chance? Rick Stiek, USMA 1996, Orange Grove 92. Thanks!

  24. is this your signatures and writing in this handbook for this 1997 black Ultra Classic it shows you put about 10,000 miles on this bike from aug 03 to aug 05 posted the pic on your facebook page thank you

  25. Hey one more add on from the Hooligan. I am lunching with a producer money man today. He is a former VP of Marriott Corp. and had invested in a studio as part of his portfolio. He is now CEO of that studio which has to now only produced N-rapshit, and is trying to get that element out of there, though he is struggling to do that as the shit tends to spread quickly. God help white youth, even in Lincoln Nebraska. Anyway, I have a studio and money. All I wondered is if you want to do some of the Country type stuff with me. There hasn’t been anything like it since you were running through notebooks, and couldn’t stop putting things out. I was listening to a country station the other day and there just isn’t much that I wouldn’t have thrown away had I even thought of it. I have a drawer with the back of phone bills containing bullets to the stars, along with notebooks. Fact is, I have money, I have backing, I have great material. Three White female backers, a female pianist and the guys. Just got together recently and have only played a couple of times; pretty much just rehearsing at each other’s houses right now. I can’t find the letter you wrote me in the late eighties. I had sent you a song called “Just wonderin’ what she had in them jeans,” It was good but tired at the time. It is now too good by the standards they call country today. What is up with that anyway? Colin——-402-831-1108

  26. Hi David. I am a writer getting ready at 61 to release some heaven class gospel, world class country, and family class children’s stuff. Built up forty years of tearin’ down. Now I have it going. You can come to Lincoln, NE if you want. I wrote a little parody concerning a letter you wrote me. to the tune of ‘Darlin’: David Allen Coe wrote me a letter, Bad Ass just turned out to be so nice, cuz’ he wrote every word there in his own hand; I think he even signed his own name twice. Said he liked my song ‘cept for the lyrics; though lookin’ at it he enjoyed the words, He wasn’t even doin’ any bar rooms anymore, Just now he was leanin’ toward the Word . . . and he was singin’ them songs about Jesus, with the Cross uppermost on his mind; after all he’d been through, it was the least he could do, to not be one of those left behind.
    We had both been beat down by the devil, satan had our asses up on ice, but we had both been readin’ in the Bible, nevermore to roll those worldly dice.
    We’ve both come a long way with our lyrics, we have found the best Way is the Word, and we’re not doing any bar rooms any more, and eternally we’re coming to the Lord.
    And we’re singin’ them songs about Jesus. with the Cross uppermost in our minds, and after all we’ve been through ….
    Those atheists in the corner getting to me, don’t talk about this Cross if you please; guess they ain’t read the Word that says I’m going to Heaven, someone better warn them ‘fore I knock them to their knees ………. DAC wrote me a letter.. fade
    Playing in A twice down to E, and of course D with B on top. Same old same old. But pretty cool. Hey I have some songs that aren’t parodies, 11 number one in three genres. A gift from on high. What are you doing these days. My name is Colin and you encouraged me years ago when I was down in the shit that I had a valid song. It did become popular though I never really recorded it. Maybe on my upcoming ‘Best of Never Was’ CD My cell number in Lincoln is 402 831 1108

  27. David will you please come play a show in Oakland CA ASAP ? You could totally stay at mine & my bf’s house in the spare room, we live like 4 Bart stops away from Oakland !! We don’t have the nicest place, it’s a little ghetto, but my friends and I would all DIE if you came here, we love you!! Think about it!! : ) <3 Natalie

  28. David, you are my role model, and a very nifty person! And I have three very important and pressing questions: Chevy or Ford?, International or John Deere?, Who(other than you) is the greatest country singer of all time in your opinion?

  29. It’s me Shery, again! Just want to try & jog you memory a bit! Who was with you when you rode & led the way for about 200 of “your brothers” on bikes to The Grand Ole Opry? National Run time it was. I remember a nick name that was given to me & it was “Mumbles”. I remember Tommy & Gabe, too. When I talked to you a couple of yrs. later gabriel was living with you in Big Pine Key. When i went back to Akron, i went on a Greyhound Bus. Swore I would NEVER ride another one & I HAVEN’T! Two weeks after arriving home you showed up at my mothers house on North Hill a few streets from Jack Foutty’s apt. on York St. I ha gotten into some trouble with the law & could not go back to Nashville. BUMMER! I had some real great and fun times when I ran around with you! By the way we watched Easy Rider in Cuyahoga Falls on State Rd. On the trip to nashville I remember the chain broke on one of the bikes. Don’t remember if it was yours or budda’s. i was also lucky enough to go to the music studio with you! So Hey, David, Thanks for the Memories!! Shery D

  30. Hello David,
    My name is RJ Hartsoe. I am a massive fan of your music. You are my hero. You are the greatest songwriter to have be gifted to the world What has driven you your whole life to be yourself & nothing of what anyone else wanted? Thank you. God Speed


  31. Hey david I’m 18 years old and I love your music I was wondering if u was coming to ohio this year and play a show you are one of the true outlaws of country and I love your music thanks david

  32. Hey David i’m from near you Lawrenceburg Tenn but been down near Orlando Florida a cpl years now. when is your next tour going to be that is near me? you ever do any tour’s at Band&Brew&BBQ , AT Orlando’s Sea World ?

  33. David,

    You are going to be in Indy on May 1st. There are 3 of us coming to your show and we have an extra grandstand ticket for The Derby the next day. What do you say? How about you party with us on Friday and we all go to The Derby on Saturday?

    You are one of our country music heroes. We spent hours back in the 90s at college jamming to your music and it would be our honor to hang out.

    Keep rocking!


  34. Where is the cave in Tennessee where David once lived? I’d like to go and explore it, maybe even buy the land where it is.

  35. How did David become such a great guitar player? He was incarcerated during most of his youth and young adult years, did the prisons allow him to practice playing his guitar? I doubt it. Was he trained by a professional? I doubt it. It’s a mystery to me how he could be such a great guitar player yet spent most of his formative years behind bars where he COULD NOT PLAY.

  36. David, I spoke with you on Saturday at the Iron Horse Saloon after your awsome performance. Your personal photagrapher took a picture of myself with you and your wife .I still have not received the picture .Could you ask him to send it to danieldrury48@gmail.com Thank you very much

  37. Does anyone know where I can get a copy of the David Allan Coe documentary “Field of Stone”????

  38. Howdy from Austin, I tell friends that I dropped in on your concert/museum hall on HWY 62 back in 1990 in northern Arkansas near Mountain Home. They don’t believe me. Can you tell me the history of the place? did it reopen in Branson, hey hey. The lobby blew me away, God bless you today. Thanks.

  39. I own a Military Veterans, GA based Non Profit Organization called Distinct Grace Inc. I’m gonna be at the Marietta, Ga show March 5, 2015, and wanted to ask Mr. Coe if he would autograph a guitar we could auction off to Atlanta based fans in April? Thanks for the consideration.

  40. I saw you play Knoxville a few months ago. I recorded a clip of DAC singing..

    … “i know i don’t want you to go so why can’t i just tell you so ”

    What song is this ?

    It was great to see DAC & Ms Kim up close and in person.

  41. David,
    Quick question here. I have a 13 year old that really would like to meet you. Is there any concert that he could attend. We live in KY. Thanks so much.

  42. MR. COE
    I have been a follower for 25-30 yrs.I live in northern ontario
    canada,and wondering if you will be in this areaé

  43. David,

    I’ll be traveling from Seattle to Daytona to see you perform at the Ironhorse in March. Is there any chance I can get you to sign my guitar?

  44. what makes country outlaw singers legends. is it because you decided the fans either loved you or not. no matter what you sang and was it a risk you were willin to take at the time and would you change anything or just do what you do best.

  45. I purchased a 1973 Duster from an individual in Texas. The title to the vehicle was in the name of David A Coe. I have now restored the car and was wanting to know if the car was originally Davids car?

  46. Hi! I just heard that you will be performing at the Hard Rock Casino in Sioux City, IA on April 10th. It will be pretty difficult for us to make it to this show and we would LOVE to attend a performance by you! Do you happen to have more shows lined up in that particular area? I searched your website and FB page and couldn’t find a schedule. Would love to hear back. Thanks!!

  47. Hello : I live in Spain ( in the south) and I love your music .
    I would like to have the lyrics of the song “my father smoked His pipe” but has not been able to find on the internet, even in Spotify. Nor is it on your website .
    Could you send it to me ? .
    Thanks in advance and best regards

  48. I just wanted to say I love your music and your a great writer sure wish I had the skills to write songs like you do. I couldnt help to notice when I was looking up your biography that you did some songs with Pantera. Now that’s pretty bad ass in my books!!! What inspired you to do songs with Pantera? Also how many songs did you guys release together and what was the song names? I love music and I love rebel country and metal so im stoked to hear these songs. Also I think its pretty bad ass that you play Dean electric guitars what country artist does that.

  49. Hey David any chance you’ll be comin to Canada at all ,if not what are your next tour dates and what cities ,any close to Washington ,Oregon ,Idaho or near there ,Im in my 60s but I’ll ride or drive from bc canada .Thank s very much Mike C

  50. What advise would you give a struggling writer in todays world of mainstream milk toast bullshit country ? no one I know of writes quality stuff like yours any more . Id like to change this.

  51. Mr. Coe, I’m a huge fan. I discovered your music a few years ago and have been hooked. What are the chances of seeing you up in Boston? Seeing you is as important to me as seeing the Beatles to other folks. Shoot, I would even drive down south to get a shot at seeing you live. I hope all is well and hopefully I get a chance to see you live. Take care sir, I will salute you with a shot after I send this message. Come to friggin Boston man! Best regards, a big fan, Dale Higgins.

  52. a popular johnny Rodriguez story goes that he and some friends were caught stealing and barbecuing a goat and he was arrested for it….the arresting officer tells the story differently, saying JR was arrested for not paying a fine, but it’s good country lore.

  53. David I am A Huge Huge fan of your music for what you have contributed to outlaw Country you deserve to be in the HALL OF FAME I was over by the Madison Theater and saw your bus and was hoping to meet you shake your hand and say thank you for the music and ask if there was any way you would let me in to see your show tonight I am currently homeless i’v had a very bad stressful week and in 5 months am going to be a father which scares me to death and really need a break from it all but could not afford a ticket so I was hoping this would work if not it’s cool MY LIFE IS A HUGE CLUSTERFUCK right now and this could make it a little bit better please thanks so much and have a great show and rock out
    God Bless

  54. Hi David, I wanted to start out by saying you are an amazing song writer and singer. As a person, when I hear a song I rarely think about who wrote the song just about who sings them. Your talents are vast and bring soul to just about anything you sing. I have been a fan for many years and have gone through many life phases. Any time I hear you sing it is more than just the song you are playing it reminds me of how things change and of old friends that I used to know. Anyways I try not to miss any shows when your in my neck of the woods especially now that you play @ thirsty cowboy (Medina) it is relatively close to my home. I have missed a few though due to not knowing you are coming. It was advertised on the radio this past time and luckily my husband told me or I would have missed that show as well. I am a radio surfer and do not stick to one station. Is their any way to know when you are coming to the Cleveland/Akron area like in fan mail or on you website? I love when you play Tangiers every seat is good and they serve food. I really appreciated all the things you spoke about at the thirsty it made the show very personal for me. I know the songs that you sing but do not know the man who sings them. I like the older stuff just picked up demos 71’74 and a song like no place left to run put a tear in my eye. Very deep and heartfelt people just don’t get it and think you are just about longhair and rednecks and this is completely not accurate. I regret not doing a meet and greet that would have been out of this world. Well I have said my peace You are awesome!!! I hope you are having a good day and hope you are feeling well. Your Friend Tricia Berger

  55. David, Do you remember seeing the movie Easyrider? Also, Do you remember riding from Akron to Nashville with Budda, on motorcycles & stopping in Daniel Boone forest to sleep? Just checking. Wondering if any memories come back to you!! Shery Hoyt Dawson

  56. I have photos of your show at the Bristol Motor Speedway in the early ’70’s. You wore a rhinestone little jimmy dickens outfit and played an Ovation guitar. I have tried at several shows sence then, but you security would have none of it, they though I was bullshitn’ them. Even the show in my home town of Johnson City Tn. You want them, holler at me.

  57. Hi David I’m 13 years old and I love your music. I am a big fan of original country music like willie Waylon haggard and hank. I volunteer at the st augustine amphitheater and I really want to see you in concert. Would you book a show at the st. Augustine amphitheater

  58. Would a song sang by a woman named “If I really wanted a pussy, I’d be a lesbian” about stupid men that have no balls, spark your interest in hearing?

  59. Hello : I live in Spain ( in the south) and I love your music .
    I would like to have the lyrics of the song “my father smoked His pipe” but has not been able to find on the internet, even in Spotify. Nor is it on your website .
    Could you send it to me ? .
    Thanks in advance and best regards

  60. Hey David have I got a song for you it’s called “HOTDOG DOWN THE HALLWAY” I THINK IT WOULD BE RIGHT UP YOUR ALLEY! One of your biggest fans Michael R. Summers

  61. just divorced is my first musical memory and have wrote some of the best country songs. Who or what got you into music? Would love to see you live if you ever make it to Indiana.

  62. it would be cool if you just went into a studio,kinda like Cash did and just strip away all the BS and play and sing your songs and whatever inspires you.when its all stripped away the best thing you will leave the world is your music,which is a really pretty awesome when you think about it!

  63. Hi. My husbands grandfather, Donald Hupp, used to play with you back in the day. He played the steel guitar for you in the 60’s. I was wondering if you had any videos or music of him playing? I would love to surprise my husband and my in laws with anything you could dig up. He passed away in 2001 and I know it would mean a lot to my father in law. Thanks!

  64. I wanted to know if you are currently looking for a drummer? Iam a drummer of 41 years, and have road experience..Iam wanting to hit the road again…I also sing and do backup vocals as well, and have a road worthy kit , DW drums….Need any more info, email me back at, j.goodbar@yahoo.com, or you can visit my facebook page, Jeff Goodbar…Thanks, and have a great day…

  65. What was your relationship like with the other top country stars of the 70’s and 80’s like Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard, Waylon, Willie and Hank Jr.?

  66. Your rendition of pledging my love gave me chills the first time I heard it and to this day it remains one of my favorite songs. The emotion you convey in that song is raw and honest and you can tell that Johnny Ace did indeed influence your life and your music. Who were some of your other influences growing up and can you explain some of the irony covering such a beautiful song written by a phenomenally talented black musician and then singing about niggers in other songs? Was it just for controversy or do you believe your lyrics to be true to how you feel?

  67. How do I get an autograph ,, I got to shake your hand at the Gladewater Tx concert a few years back , and then quickly bum rushed off by your security , all I wanted was your autograph … How do I get that autograph ????

  68. The world wants to know if you had 1 wish what would it be.
    And I want some bootleg DVDS.
    Where can I get them?

  69. What do the tattoos on your right hand symbolize…the one says ace and the other is on your knuckles

  70. On long hair redneck. What is the story behind the line Long before Rodrigues stole that goat

  71. Do you remember doing a photo shoot at Squires Castle in Willoughby Hiils, Ohio. In the 70’s. My present husband Jim Kerr has a photo of you on your cadillac and your signature framed in his man cave. He was a teen on a bicycle.

  72. where can I get a copy from your set you did from the 2001 Jamboree in The Hills. I remember when they were trying to block out your language.

  73. Hello David. I’ve heard from a few people that you owned a home close to the river in the mid Missouri area. As a Missourian I always thought this was really cool. Could you tell me if this is true?

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